If you've ever experienced sticker shock at the shipping costs for your order, you're not alone. "Why is shipping so high for a small package?" you may have wondered.

The Components of Shipping

First off, let's break down the elements that contribute to shipping costs. It's not just a matter of popping a candy bar into an envelope and slapping on a stamp. Far from it! Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Postage Fees: The actual cost we pay to the courier service. A minimum of $15 to major cities in Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB). $20 minimum to go to Eastern Canada (Ontario to the Maritimes). And the costs go ever higher.
  2. Packaging: Boxes, bubble wrap, and any other materials to keep your treats safe. Usually about $1-$2
  3. Handling: The labor cost involved in processing, packing, and dispatching your order. We estimate at around $2 but is likely higher.

A Real-World Example

Let's say you order a single item worth $5 and you are based in Vancouver. You might assume that shipping should be a fraction of that cost. But in reality, the base shipping cost charged by our courier service can be $15 plus tax at a minimum for that very package (Dimensions of 5x5x5 inches weighing 1lb (454 grams)). Add in our own labour costs and the cost of the packaging material, and you're looking at a total shipping cost of around $18-$19 for us.

Why Can't We Offer Cheaper Shipping?

"But other online stores offer free or low-cost shipping," you may argue. True, but most of those businesses operate on a larger scale and have volume deals with courier services that bring down the costs. And let's not forget that 'free shipping' often means the shipping cost is baked into the product price.

Finding a Solution

We do in fact have cheaper shipping options available however those only will be available to those that purchase more products. However, this is a double-edged sword because as the number of products purchased goes up the more it costs to ship a larger package. 

The Takeaway

We understand that shipping costs can be a bit of a sour note in your candy shopping experience. Yet, we hope this deep dive into what goes into determining these costs offers a more comprehensive understanding of the 'why' behind the numbers. Just remember, every cent goes toward ensuring your favourite treats reach you in perfect condition.