Top 10 Candies Introduced in the 1960s

Top 10 Candies Introduced in the 1960s - A Sweet Blast from the Past

The 1960s was a decade of vibrant cultural change, marked by its unique trends in music, fashion, and of course, confectionery delights. This era saw the introduction of some iconic candies that are still enjoyed today. Let’s unwrap the top 10 candies from the 1960s, a decade that sweetened the world with its innovative flavors and fun creations.

Razzles (1966)


Razzles, a unique candy introduced in 1966, offer an extraordinary candy experience. Initially starting as a hard candy, Razzles transform into gum when chewed. Originally produced by the Fleer Company and later acquired by Concord Confections in 2004, Razzles were the first candy in the world with this transforming ability. Notably, it gained a resurgence in popularity thanks to their memorable appearance in the 2004 film "13 Going on 30." [Click here to shop: Razzles]

Lemonheads (1962)


Introducing a tangy twist, Lemonheads hit the shelves in 1962. Created by the Ferrara Candy Company, these hard candies with a sharp lemon flavor became an instant hit for those who loved a blend of sweet and sour. [Click here to shop: Lemonheads]

Now and Later (1962)

Introduced in 1962 by the Phoenix Candy Company, Now and Later candies are known for their long-lasting chew. These fruity, taffy-like candies were originally available in three flavors - red, blue, and green - and encouraged consumers to enjoy some immediately and save some for later, hence the name. [Click here to shop: Now and Later]

Sweetarts (1963)


Sweetarts, a product of the Sunline Candy Company, hit the market in 1963. Inspired by Pixy Stix, these candies offer a burst of sweet and sour flavors. Available in cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and grape, Sweetarts became a fast favorite for those who enjoy a tangy treat. [Click here to shop: Sweetarts]

Astro Pop (1963)

Astro pop

Astro Pop, designed by two rocket scientists in 1963, is a unique lollipop that mirrors a three-stage rocket. This candy capitalized on the space race excitement of the 1960s, offering pineapple, passionfruit, and cherry flavors. Its distinct rocket shape and multi-flavored layers have made it an enduring favorite. [Click here to shop: Astro Pop]

100 Grand Bar (1966)

100 Grand

First produced in 1966 and originally named the "Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar," this candy bar combines chocolate, crisped rice, and caramel for a rich and satisfying taste. [Click here to shop: 100 Grand Bar]

Starburst (1960)


Originally known as "Opal Fruits" when they debuted in England in 1960, Starburst arrived in North America in 1967. These chewy, fruit-flavored candies were a hit for their juicy burst of flavor. [Click here to shop: Starburst]

Cadbury Creme Egg (1963)

Cadbury Creme Egg

The Cadbury Creme Egg, a staple of Easter candy since 1963, features a milk chocolate shell with a sweet, creamy center. Its distinctive appearance and seasonal availability have made it a cherished treat during the Easter holiday. [Click here to shop: Cadbury Creme Egg]

Fruit Stripe Gum (1969)

Fruit Stripe Gum

Known for its zebra-striped packaging and temporary tattoos, Fruit Stripe Gum was a fun and flavorful addition to the candy aisle in the late 1960s and 70s, offering a variety of fruity flavors. [Click here to shop: Fruit Stripe Gum]

Zots Sour Candy (1968)

Zots Candy

Introduced in 1968, Zotz are known for their sour, fizzy center. These hard candies come in various fruit flavors and offer a unique, tongue-tingling experience that has captivated candy lovers for decades. [Click here to shop: Zots Sour Candy]

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